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In Your Face Edinburgh Fringe & UK Tour

3rd August - 30th November Get Tickets

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Shirley Ghostman London & Manchester

22nd October - 29th October Get Tickets

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Princes of Main reprise their amazing Edinburgh Show in London this November!

27th October 2016

Pierre Novellie at the Leceister Square Theatre!

27th October 2016

Sally Phillips stars new feature Burn Burn Burn

27th October 2016

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RT : #UPONADIFFERENTSHORE is out today! https://t.co/RLCFiQ1cOK 28th October

RT : Thanks, Bristol, for THE OBSEQUIOUS LAUGHTER OF A GHOST, a haunting tale of lust, leopardprint and Liechtenstein! https://t.co/HsMhgXErn9 28th October

RT : Shirley Ghostman at the Bush Hall last night was totally hilarious. So many celebrity appearances too. If you get t… https://t.co/F1msfdEGWd 28th October

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